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FactoryMark ™ GM27 Paint Stick is A General Purpose Solid Paint Marker Used For Marking On All Kind of Metal, Wood, Rubber, Concrete, Glossy Surfaces, Paper, Corrugated Box, Cardboard, Hot & Cold Surfaces

    FactoryMark™ GM27 Paint Stick is also known as Paint Chalk, formulated to meet general marking needs. GM27 Paint Stick is used for easily marking on all kind of metal, plastic, concrete, rubber, paper, corrugated box, cardboards, glass, ceramic and wooden surfaces. The paint stick, which has high durability and resistance to UV rays is easily applied on dry, wet, oily, glossy, hot, cold and rough surfaces and, does not contain any carcinogenic lead and any other harmful substance. This product is also offered in Fluorescent colors.

    Specifications of FactoryMark™ GM27 Paint Stick

Temperature RangeBetween -45°C and +65°C
Presentation12 units in a box, 144 units in a box
ColorsRed, Green, Blue, Yellow, White and Fluorescent Colors

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