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OEM Green Laser Marking Engines

High-Power Picosecond Ultra-Fast Laser

  • OEM laser seed
  • High-power Infrared, Green/UV laser output with short pulse width (<10ps), which is the best choice for precision processing
  • Outstanding beam quality (M <1.3)
  • Crossover and power adjust function can be integrated, easy to operate

High-power Picosecond Ultra-Fast Laser is a high performance-to-price ratio product which is aimed to micro processing field. OEM laser seed, purchase & maintenance cost decrease 50%. The whole system guarantee products’ high reliability by main oscillator amplification structure, high reliable seed laser and minimalism route design. In order to realize the best processing performance, products have both programmable Burst Mode and POD trigger function, it is the best choice for precision processing. 

This laser can be applied to OLED/LED Dicing, PI Film Scribing, PET Film Scribing, Polarizing Film Scribing and Medical Film Scribing field. Also an excellent tool for Glass Marking, Sapphire Marking,  Ceramic Cutting work. More suitable for Cathode Tab Welding, Solar Panels Coating, Wafer Cutting and other high-Semiconductors Cutting and end process application.


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