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SERMATEK Builds up Desktop Laser Welding Machines , On-The-Floor Laser Welding Machines , Manual Laser Welding Machines, Multi-Axis Laser Welding Machines, Lasser Welding Robots, Laser Remote Welding Robots in Turkey

Fiber Laser Welding

SERMATEK, having the professional experience in laser production and building up TURKISH MADE laser and laser machines standing out with its quality in the local and international arena, conducts studies on laser welding process and creates the most efficient programs in line with customer requirements and needs; 

We specialize in
1-Desktop Laser Welding Machines
2-On-The-Floor Laser Welding Machines
3-Manual Laser Welding Machines
4-Multi-Axis Laser Welding Machines
5-Laser Welding Robots
6-Laser Remote Welding Robots

Manufacturing thousands of high-tech machines for 17 years since 2003,  our company, which owns an ERP manufacturing automation system, provides after-sales service in Turkey and abroad, exports to 18 countries and adds continuous innovations to its products throughout its ceaseless R&D projects.

Brand: Laserator Model: W150 / W200
Laserator WELDY 200/300W Desktop YAG Laser Welding Machine..
Brand: Sermatek Model: SMTCOBOX
SMT Remote Control Box is used to START and STOP Dotpeenator & Laserator Series Machines externally...