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Dot Peen Marking Control Units

We design and manufacture special boards for our Dotpeenator series dotpeenator dot peen marking machines that enable us to use our different pin technologies throught out special software and control board bundles that are constantly updated taking into account our customer needs and our 18 years of experience in the field.

We do have two types of controller units to offer along with our dot peen marking machines;

1-Dot Peen Marking Control Unit Used by The Help of A Computer: CO9

A Windows based DP6 coded dot peen marking software comes with this control unit. This software is installed on your computer and provides a very talented and easy-to-use interface for operators via a USB cable between the computer and the controller. This controller product is our economical dot peen control unit model.

2-Dot Peen Marking Control Unit That Does Not Require Any External Computer: SA14

This control unit has a very advanced Linux based DP7 coded software package consisting of many special marking modules, a 7" capacitive color display unit and a micro computer with a large memory. SA14 control unit offers its user an interface in 'What You See Is What You Get' mode. Therefore, it is comparatively easier to use than many control units. A SA14 dot peen marking control unit optionally comes with different communication protocols.

Dotpeenator™ CO9 Marking Machine Controller
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Brand: Dotpeenator Model: CO9C
Dotpeenator™ CO9 Marking Machine Controller▪ Optional 9 Pin RS232 Connection Cable▪ User Friendly English Software Interface▪ Marking Operations Based On SQL Queries Reading From A SQL Based Database▪ Log File Follow-Up Over 365 Days▪ Linear Text Marking▪ 360° Circular Marking▪ Arc Text Marking▪ Dat..
Dotpeenator™ SA14 Marking Machine Controller
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Brand: Dotpeenator Model: SA14C
Dotpeenator™ SA14 Marking Machine Controller▪ 7 inch TFT Color Touch Screen ▪ Linux Based Control Unit ▪ Linux Based Dotpeenator™ Marking Software  ▪ Data Transfer  ▪ Shift Marking▪ Custom-Made Date Coding with Characters▪ Create-Your-Own-Fonts Module ▪ Connection ..