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Interchangeable Steel Type Fount Sets are good when different marking contents are in need. Also, worn steel types are easily replaced that way.

Interchangeable Steel Type Fount Sets

For the different applications of multi-digit markings, our fount sets offer universal basic equipment: Hand held type holder, interchangeable steel types and assembling tools are already contained in a strong practical storage and transport box.

The number and sorting of the included digits, letters and punctuation marks are based on the decades of experience as well the internationally recognized standards. Of course additional or spare type stamps are available all the time.

Euro Type Fount Set
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Brand: Sermatek Model: SET-B
Euro Type Fount SetHandheld type holder with the hardened supporting surface in the slotAlso available with machine holder for use in presses100 Steel-types with numbers, letters, and punctuation marksas well as 6 blank spacersHexagon key and tweezerNickel-plated v..
Standard Fount Set
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Brand: Sermatek Model: SET-K
Standard Fount SetHand held type holder with hardened supporting surface in the slot50 pcs. steel types 0–9 (each 5 pcs.) and 5 blank spacersHexagon keyNickel-plated version (rust-protected)Assorted in plastic storage boxSize of characterDimensions of Steel TypesCapacity of Type Holder3 mm(3 x 6 x ..