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Individual hand stamps, different fonts, logos and motifs can be manufactured according to a sample, sketch or data template given by customers.

Hand Stamps

In addition to number and letter punch sets, hand stamps can also be manufactured with a fixed multi-digit engraving as per customer’s request.

A classic application of hand stamps is the embossing of serial numbers on the individual components of machines or vehicles. Usually, with the help of a punch stamp, a symbol (e.g. a star), the logo of a manufacturer or variable manufacture data are embossed on products.
Graved numbers and nomenclatures are forgery-proof and more reliable than printed nameplates and labels.

For manufacturing individual hand stamps, different fonts are possible and logos and motifs can be realized according to a sample, sketch or data template. The diversity and creativity are virtually endless and thus the range of application extends far beyond the pure technical labeling into the creative and artistic design of jewelry, leather, and wood.

Control Stamps / Inspection Stamps
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Brand: Sermatek Model: Zımba-K
Quality and product specifications identical with multi-digit hand stampsIndividual marking and identification by simple symbols Article No.Height of impressionDimensions151020002 mm10 x 10 x 80mm151030003 mm10 x 10 x 80mm151040004mm10 x 10 x 80mm151050005 mm12 x 12 x 85 mm151060006 mm12 x 12 x..
Multi Digit Hand Stamps
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Model: Klişe-MKZ
CNC engraving for highest precisionCombinations of numbers, letters and/or punctuation marks are possibleType of characters acc. to DIN 1451Hardness at the engraving: 58–61 HRCGround at all sides close to the engravingAs a standard version, all hand stamps have a one-line sharp-faced engraving and t..
Welder’s Control Stamps
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Brand: Sermatek Model: Klişe-K
Quality and product specifications identical with multi-digit hand stampsFor marking and signing of welding work for the purpose of traceability and controlIndividual combinations of letters and/or numbers with a borderThe border is engraved in round, oval, square, ..