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Laserator Smoke and Dust Extraction Units are dust and smoke filtration systems specially designed for laser marking, micro laser cutting and engraving laser machines. They are mainly preferred for collecting gold dust in the jewelry industry as well.

Laserator Fume and Dust Extraction Units specially designed for laser marking, engraving systems are the most silent dust and fume extraction and filtration product in its class. You can adjust the suction amount of the emission system that can work continuously for 24 hours. This emission system can be easily integrated into all of our laser machines and can be controlled from the laser enclosures. Thanks to its high filtration rate and large-area filter, the filtered air is returned to the work place. Our emission system, which can be used on both office and factory floors, is also used in the jewelry sector to ensure the recycling of precious metals.

Laserator LSE1 Mobile Dust & Fume Extraction Unit
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Brand: Laserator Model: LSE1
LSE1 Mobile Dust and Smoke Suction Units are specially designed for laser marking and engraving systems, which protect the operator's health, by collecting odors, dust, and smoke of workpieces with precious material dust on its dust-tide recyclable filters.In Laserator LSE1 Powder and Smoke Suction ..