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FactoryMark™ S20 13cm³ Violet Permanent Paint Marker

        The FactoryMark™ S20 13cm³ Permanent Violet Paint Marker has happened to be a preferable Turkish Trademark permanent paint marker or marking pencil by many industries considering its permanence, due to their high retention after being subjected to different tests by many companies, having Xylene-Free paint content, comparatively almost twice the volume of many permanent paint markers on the market, and the acrylic tip being double-sided and thicker than the accustomed one.

        Nowadays, paint markers are required to meet many needs of the industries. The most important one of these is that the permanent paint markers must not harm to health in terms of job security. FactoryMark™ S20 13cm³ Permanent Violet Paint Marker does not contain XYLENE which is very harmful to health. The other major demand is that paint markers are required to be as permanent as the life cycle of the products marked by the marking paint, and even after a few decades, these markings may still be preserved. FactoryMark ™ S20 13cm³ Permanent Violet Paint Marker has the following abilities that are needed by many industries in short.


• Since FactoryMark™ S series is XYLENE-FREE, you do not worry about the health of your workers and environmental contamination.

• A FactoryMark™ S20 marker has an air-tight, paint color cap formed specifically for carrying in a pocket.

• Easy to remove and replace. Clip prevents roll-off.

• A FactoryMark™ S20 marker has a reversible tip with a standard bullet form on one side and wider chisel form on the other. The width of the bullet side:3.2mm, the width of the chisel side:5mm.

• Dimensions of A FactoryMark™ S20 marker are 135XΦ16mm. A unique volume of 13cm3 paint at a unique price. In volume, it nearly contains twice as much paint as 7cm3 markers.

• XYLENE-FREE permanent paint dries within seconds.

• A FactoryMark™ S20 marker allows for unprecedented versatility of marking on oily, wet and soaped surfaces.

• Quick dry, weather and abrasion resistant, permanent vibrant color paint marks on almost any surface.

• The nib of a FactoryMark™ S20 marker is made of hard acrylic fiber to prevent premature wear.

• Marking temperature range: –10˚C to 65˚C

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