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The Metal Wheels for Numbering Heads Can Be Manufactured With Different Characters in Accordance With Customer Requests And Requirements.

Customized Numbering Heads

Numbering Heads are manufactured according to customer requests and requirements. Our customers must first determine how many digits the marking content should be and what the dimensions or size of the characters should be. Numbering wheels used in the numbering heads often have 10 numerical characters from 0 to 9. However, when requested, these wheels can be machined so that it has different alphabetic characters and punctuation marks. Our numbering heads are manufactured so as to either automatically increase the number on a press by the help of a lever, or manually adjust any numbering wheels in the requested line of characters securing them by pin or spring locks and use them to mark with the help of a hammer.

Types of Numbering Heads

  • Pin-Locked Numbering Head
  • Spring-Loaded Numbering Head
  • Lever-Action Automatic Numbering Head
Brand: Sermatek Model: OTOKAFA
Automatic Numbering HeadUp to 5 wheels will be switched automatically by a mechanical lifting movementProvided with hardened and tempered striking handle or shank10 positions per wheel on automatically switched wheels / engraved with numbers 0-9Engraving of manual switched wheels acc. to specificati..
Brand: Sermatek Model: OZKAF-P
Numbering Head (Pin-Locking)Heavy robust designExchangeable punching-capAlso available with shank for use in presses, machines or devicesWheels are secured in place by means of a locking-pin11 positions per wheel / engravings acc. to specificationDisplay of settings by tell-tale chara..
Brand: Sermatek Model: OZKAF
Numbering Head (Spring-Locking)Wheels are secured in place by means of springsDirect rotation of all wheels is possibleProvided with hardened and tempered striking handle or shank12 positions per wheel / engravings acc. to specificationDisplay of settings by tell-tale characters in the wheel grooves..