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Multi-Digit Hand Stamps are custom made and manufactured according to the given content and sizes of the impressions.

  • CNC engraving for highest precision
  • Combinations of numbers, letters and/or punctuation marks are possible
  • Type of characters acc. to DIN 1451
  • Hardness at the engraving: 58–61 HRC
  • Ground at all sides close to the engraving

As a standard version, all hand stamps have a one-line sharp-faced engraving and the impression is readable. The following special versions of engraving are possible:

• Multiline Engraving

 Special Typefaces

 Reverse Engraving / Impression Mirror-Inverted

 Outline Engraving

 Flat Faced Engraving

 Engraving in a radius (concave/convex)

 LOW-STRESS Engraving


The manufacturing of hand stamps with individual logos and symbols

is also possible. For this purpose, we require a sample, a sketch or a drawing.

It can certainly be provided as a file.

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