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Dotpeenator R80 Rotary Axis is integrated to all our dot peen marking machines and used for marking circumferential parts.

Dotpeenator™ R80 Rotary Axes are integrated into all our dot peen marking machines. Each of our dot peen marking machines have a 9 pin serial port for connection and communication with an R30 Rotary Axis. R80 has the capability of securing dia. 80mm pipes or any circular parts underneath the marking heads by its chuck. As an option, there is also a tailstock or a V-shaped holder to secure the long workpieces at the other end. The R80 comes with a communication and power cable with two metal connectors at both ends. R80 can be easily integrated into the work table through the T slots and securing T bolts. This rotary axis is turned on by the switch on itself and operated by the help of Dotpeenator Software. The operation of the R80 rotary axis is simultaneous with the other axes of the marking heads.

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