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Dotpeenator ™ CO9 marking machine control unit is the low cost controller that needs to be connected to a computer.

Dotpeenator™ CO9 Marking Machine Controller

▪ Optional 9 Pin RS232 Connection Cable
▪ User Friendly English Software Interface
▪ Marking Operations Based On SQL Queries Reading From A SQL Based Database
▪ Log File Follow-Up Over 365 Days
▪ Linear Text Marking
▪ 360° Circular Marking
▪ Arc Text Marking
▪ Date Marking
▪ Julian Date Marking
▪ 2D Data Matrix Code Marking
▪ Serial Number Marking
▪ Chassis Number Marking
▪ Alfa Numerical Character Marking
▪ Symbol Marking
▪ Random Code Marking
▪ Vectoral Graphics Marking
▪ Possibility of Showing Images of Name Tags at The Background Of The Screen For Easy Marking Content Positioning 
▪ Peen Path Setup for Complex Work Pieces
▪ Adjustment of Dot Resolution Up To 0.01mm
▪ About 40 Special Single Line Fonts to Choose From
▪ Possibity of Marking All TTF Fonts
▪ Waiting Point Assignment for Peen Cartridge Assembly Kit
▪ Marking Simulation
▪ Reverse Marking
▪ Marking Upon Barcode Scanner Reading
▪ Alignment Of Marking Contents
▪ Adjustment of Valve Opening & Closing Delays
▪ Adjustment of Marking Speed
▪ Adjustment of Free Movment Speed
▪ Running Consecutive Marking Programs One After The Other
▪ Posibility of Testing Functions of Main Components
▪ Optional Rotary Axis for Circumferential Marking Operations
▪ Controlling An Additional Valve Through The I/O Port
▪ Pin Type Selector
▪ Glass Fuse & Spare

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