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2,5kg Dotpeenator™ PR54E Electrical Portable Dot Peen Marking Machine is mainly preferred for its ligth weight and not needing any air supply.

Dotpeenator™ PR54E, Portable, Very Small, Powerfull, Light-Weight, Hand-Held Electrical Dot Peen Marking Machine

Dotpeenator™ PR54E Small & Light Weight Portable Electrical Marking Machine / Electromagnetic Dot Peen Marking Machine made entirely from aluminum provides such a large marking area as 50X40MM  even if it is quite compact hand-held marking machine. Our 0,01mm precise dot peening product has a second handle made of aluminum, stainless steel dust covers, a long-lasting, non-breakable and ergonomic plastic grasp, specially designed headrests with a manual z-axis height adjustment nut for different peen-cartridge kits to be assembled to the hand-held units. All our aluminum parts are covered by a high-quality anodizing process. This model comes with your choice of the control unit with either 5m or optional 10m long, elastically shielded flexible signal/power cable.

For the constantly evolving software capabilities of our PR54E Electromagnetic Marking Machine, check the web pages prepared for the Dotpeenator Control Unit Models listed below.

This product is used with the following control units.
1-Dotpeenator CO9 Dot Peen Marking Control Unit
2-Dotpeenator SA14 Dot Peen Marking Control Unit

The following pin-cartridge assembly kits can be used with PR54E.

E4P Electromagnetic Peen-Cartridge Assembly Kit

PR54E Light Weight, Small, Electrical / Electromagnetic Dot Peen Marking Machine is generally preferred for the following marking processes.
1- QR Code Marking
2- Light Weight Mobile Marking
3- Portable Marking
4- Text Marking
5- Marking in an Evironment with no Air Source

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