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Dotpeenator ™ SA14 marking machine control unit is designed with software and hardware to meet every need today.

Dotpeenator™ SA14 Marking Machine Controller

▪ 7 inch TFT Color Touch Screen 

▪ Linux Based Control Unit 

▪ Linux Based Dotpeenator™ Marking Software  

▪ Data Transfer  

▪ Shift Marking

▪ Custom-Made Date Coding with Characters

▪ Create-Your-Own-Fonts Module 

▪ Connection With A Host Computer 

▪ Database Connection 

▪ 3 USB Ports

▪ 1 RS232 Port

▪ Integrated I/O Port

▪ Connected with Keyboard & Mouse 

▪ PLT Extended Vector Marking  

▪ Setting Peen Tracing Points

▪ Linear ve Arc Scale Marking  

▪ 2D Data Matrix Marking

▪ Setting a Peen Docking Point  

▪ Setting Dot Intervals

▪ Circumferential Marking by an External Optional Rotary Axis

▪ Circumferential Letter by Letter, Word by Word, Sentence by Sentence Marking

▪ Selective Button for Vibro Peen Assemblies and Long-Stroke Deep Marking Peen Assemblies

▪ Date, Time, Shift, Julian Calendar, Day of Week, Week Number, Name of Day Marking & Requested Combination of Any

▪ Static Content Marking

▪ Vehicle Chassis Marking

▪ Random Code Marking

▪ Barcode Content Marking From a Barcode Reader

▪ Power Cable

▪ X Limit Led

▪ Y Limit Led

▪ Z Limit Led

▪ Power Led

▪ Marking Led

▪ USB Connection Cable

▪ Optional 9 Pin RS232 Connection Cable

▪ User Friendly English Software Interface

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