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Brand: Laserator Model: TASKY-OTD
Protection Wavelength : 1064nm typically for Nd:Yag Laser O.D (Optical Density) : 5+ V.L.T (Visible light transmssion) : 45% Standards : CE, EN207:2009..
Brand: Sermatek Model: OTOKAFA
Automatic Numbering HeadUp to 5 wheels will be switched automatically by a mechanical lifting movementProvided with hardened and tempered striking handle or shank10 positions per wheel on automatically switched wheels / engraved with numbers 0-9Engraving of manual switched wheels acc. to specificati..
Brand: Sermatek Model: CO64
Drive System: Ball Screw Construction: 6061 and 6063 Series Hard Aluminum + Sigma Profile Table Weight: 60kg Machine Dimensions: 870X660X520mm Working Area: 575X375mm Z Axis Stroke: 70mm Max. Material Thickness: 95mm Guide Ways: 61HRC hardened Linear Guideways and Chrome Coated Spindle ..
Brand: Sermatek Model: KOMPAK
COMPACT MARKERSpace-saving compact designStriking handle can be replaced by shankDisplay of settings by tell-tale characters in the wheel grooves, indicated by arrowsAll components internally standardized and separately availableManufactured from special high-performance tool ste..
Brand: Sermatek Model: Zımba-K
Quality and product specifications identical with multi-digit hand stampsIndividual marking and identification by simple symbols Article No.Height of impressionDimensions151020002 mm10 x 10 x 80mm151030003 mm10 x 10 x 80mm151040004mm10 x 10 x 80mm151050005 mm12 x 12 x 85 mm151060006 mm12 x 12 x..
Brand: Sermatek Model: DAGCUB-E
Fully fitted with heating unit, handle and power cableHeating power from 80 W up to 2500 W, optimized forthe size of impression and the selected purposeSize of character up to 100 mm / Type of characters acc. to DIN 1451Also available with branding plates engraved withindividual logos or symbols acc..
Brand: Sermatek Model: DAGCUB-E
Perfect for the marking of variable lettering by interchangeable branding typesFully fitted with a heating unit, handle and power cableHeating power optimized for the size of character and number of type piecesCapacity acc. to your requirementsSize of character from 5 mm to 50 mm / Type of..
Brand: Sermatek Model: SET-B
Euro Type Fount SetHandheld type holder with the hardened supporting surface in the slotAlso available with machine holder for use in presses100 Steel-types with numbers, letters, and punctuation marksas well as 6 blank spacersHexagon key and tweezerNickel-plated v..
Brand: FactoryMark Model: FM-GM27
    FactoryMark™ GM27 Paint Stick is also known as Paint Chalk, formulated to meet general marking needs. GM27 Paint Stick is used for easily marking on all kind of metal, plastic, concrete, rubber, paper, corrugated box, cardboards, glass, ceramic and wooden surfaces. The paint ..
Brand: FactoryMark Model: FM-CR26
    FactoryMark™ CR26 Paint Stick is also known as Paint Chalk, formulated to meet general marking needs. CR26 Paint Stick is used for easily marking on metal, plastic, stone, concrete, rubber and wood surfaces. The paint stick, which has high durability and resistance to UV rays..
Brand: FactoryMark Model: FM-CYS1200
FactoryMark™ CYS1200 Ultra High Temperature Paint Stick is also known as Ultra High Temperature Paint Chalk, formulated to meet high temperature marking needs. CYS1200 Ultra High Temperature Paint Stick is used for easily marking on hot ingots, forgings, billets, slabs and other metal allo..
Brand: FactoryMark Model: R30SY
FactoryMark™ R30 65ml Black Pump Rall Point Paint MarkerTo download the flier of this product, please click on the Black Pump Rall Point Marker link...
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